Golf has historically been a popular activity for facilitating business connections, both in outdoor settings such as the fairway and inside environments like the boardroom. The traditional recreational activity has been modified into a compact and captivating rendition, enabling universal involvement in a purposeful manner.

The activity known as “Hole in One” involves the formation of teams, who work together to create and construct a creative mini-golf course. This course is then utilized in a lively tournament setting. Teams are assigned the responsibility of constructing their course utilizing the materials that have been provided. The stipulation is that each hole must possess qualities that are both engaging and distinctively demanding. Moreover, it is required that every team undertake the task of designing and fabricating their own putter, which will subsequently be utilized in the culminating event. During this tournament, teams will navigate through each hole and meticulously record their scores.


Hole In One is an engaging and interactive endeavor wherein all individuals actively engage in various facets, encompassing the exploration of intricate inquiries, the cultivation of innovative designs, the construction of the course, and the subsequent participation in the golfing experience. The process of designing a mini-golf course stimulates creativity and innovation, requiring effective communication and project management skills from teams involved. The participants derive immense enjoyment and experience a sense of fulfillment by exerting their utmost efforts in this lively team-building endeavor.

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