In the exhilarating urban adventure Hotshots, groups are dropped into the busy streets of the city of your choice, armed with tablets that are pre-installed with the Go Team app, which directs them to the first challenge spot. Whether it's getting people to try a new ice cream flavor, having people spell out your corporate name with only their bodies, or putting on an unexpected street performance in a public place, there are countless opportunities for photo challenges. Before going on to the next location, teams must take pictures to prove that they have completed each challenge. It is possible to provide challenge questions to motivate teams to investigate and get further knowledge about each site.

Teams have to be quick on their feet and quick to think through problems in order to get their images back to the base in time. As teams share their exciting adventures, scores are totaled and the pictures are put on show for everyone to see.


A high-octane photographic treasure hunt, Hotshots drives teams across the city, testing their mettle in strategy, leadership, innovation, and time management. Above all, collaboration is essential to accomplishing goals and surpassing competitors.

Hotshots offers a fascinating chance to discover the distinct personality of your conference venue. It provides an engaging and unforgettable team-building activity that is ideal for your upcoming company outing or conference!

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