The iBuild Festive activity is an engaging team-building exercise that presents players with the task of replicating a model without visual reference. The activity commences by partitioning participants into distinct groups and assigning them the objective of constructing a replica of the model without the aid of visual cues. Every team is responsible for assigning certain duties and developing an effective communication strategy in order to successfully accomplish the given goal.

Teams engage in the process of leisure, adhering to predetermined game rules and norms. The transmission of information occurs through a sequential series of participants, ultimately reaching the designated individuals known as the “Elves,” who assume the responsibility of constructing the model. During the intermission, team members engage in role rotation, so assuring equitable participation and contribution from all individuals towards the project.

After the designated duration has passed, teams convene to reveal their innovations, commemorate their accomplishments, and participate in dialogues regarding their triumphs.


iBuild Festive is a team-building activity that promotes cohesion among participants through the integration of effective communication, constructive feedback, and the development of a systematic approach to project planning. The stringent regulations of the activity are deliberately crafted to emphasize the core tenets of effectively transmitting information.

iBuild Festive functions as a commendable platform for increasing internal communication skills across various teams or departments of a firm, while also facilitating the improvement of customer communication. This enjoyable and interactive activity serves as an optimal method to enhance team cohesion and foster a feeling of achievement during your annual concluding gathering, while also integrating the ideas of gamification.

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