iBuild is a fun team-building exercise that tests players' ability to communicate in a chain to reconstruct a model—all without seeing it! Three essential jobs comprise every team: “Architects,” “Couriers,” and “Builders.” The information flow is started by the Architect, a distant participant, interacting with the team using a digital device. The Builders receive the information from the couriers and use it to build the model.

To increase the pressure on creating an accurate duplicate, iBuild adds amusing communication hurdles, a rigid project deadline, and last-minute role swaps. Each member is essential to the success of their team.


iBuild encourages teamwork and places a strong emphasis on communication, criticism, and a methodical approach to project management. It pushes individuals to experiment with several forms of communication, such as face-to-face, virtual, verbal, and non-verbal. In addition to providing a chance for enjoyment, the artificial communication barriers in the game highlight important ideas of information exchange. The lessons learnt can be used to customer relationship management best practices in addition to enhancing internal communication and adjusting to new working procedures.

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