IMPACT is a versatile app-based team-building activity designed for teams working face-to-face, remotely, or in a multi-locational hybrid setup. Centered on the concept of giving, IMPACT has a direct influence on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This highly engaging team-building game provides a deep understanding of the roadmap to a more sustainable future.

Participants begin by receiving an introduction to the SDGs and are equipped with tablets to make real-world impacts. Teams progress through various levels by completing a series of challenges, each directly related to one of the SDGs, such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Climate Action. These challenges encompass a range of mental, physical, and active tasks with varying levels of difficulty. The app serves as a guide, helping teams navigate the tasks, submit their attempts to earn points, and climb the leaderboard while raising awareness of the SDGs and contributing to a more sustainable future.


IMPACT encourages team members to collaborate in understanding the game's mechanics and developing an agile team strategy. Participants quickly learn that innovative thinking and effective communication skills are essential for ascending the leaderboard. Active listening and sharing ideas play a crucial role in overcoming challenges successfully. Trust begins to form as teams appreciate the diverse strengths of their members and collectively work toward the greater goal of creating a better world.

IMPACT is not only a great deal of fun but also leaves teams with a sense of delight and togetherness. Most importantly, participants gain valuable insights into the SDGs and discover how they can make lifestyle changes to contribute to a brighter future for everyone.

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