A distinctive and engrossing conference experience may be found in The Picture. Every delegate has their picture taken against a different background color as soon as they arrive at the conference. During the conference, these individual photographs are then skillfully altered by computer processing, resulting in an amazing closing program featuring the very delegates present.

Amidst a dramatic musical score, attendees see their own photos projected onto a large screen. A quick succession of single faces opens the visual voyage, which is then followed by montages of four, sixteen, and even sixty-four faces. The screen fills with innumerable faces that are too many to count as the camera perspective pans out and the action picks up speed. The camera lens then pans back even farther to show that the enlarged photos have combined to create the company emblem or communicate the conference theme.


The Picture functions as a grand three-minute conference finale that honors your company's distinctive qualities as well as the vital contributions made by your employees to its success. This event serves as another proof that each person matters to the organization. It emphasizes how important every individual is and how people as a whole shape the culture of the organization and act as living embodiments of the brand.

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