“Leadership Stories” is an exciting game that is meant to help you become a better leader. As a fun way to learn, it lets people improve their knowledge and leadership skills by solving a few difficult business problems, which is why it's called “Leadership Stories.”

Participants start a life-changing learning trip with a unique Game Character that was given to them at the beginning. What was their goal? To get through each Leadership Story by always making the best choice to earn points. Get to know Valerio, the “brave,” Clementine, the “mild and merciful,” Alessandro, the “defender of man,” Dima, the “vigor of the people,” Pierre, the “rock,” and Carla, the “strong and mighty.” They will be with you on this journey.

People who play the game face 12 different leadership tasks, such as the “urgent turnaround,” the “turnover nightmare,” the “tower of Babel,” and the “wind of change.” Each task needs to be carefully thought through. People have to look at the situation, read between the lines, use what they know, weigh the pros and cons, and make a decision.

In “Leadership Stories,” business problems come up quickly one after the other and need to be dealt with quickly and skillfully. People are counting on your knowledge to help them through this tough situation. The time is running out. Are you ready to play your part? Your journey as a leader is ready.


Embark on a transformative journey through real-life workplace challenges. Participants will learn a lot about their leadership style and how it affects the way teams work together and the results they achieve.” This immersive experience gives people the wisdom to understand how important it is to use a variety of methods to inspire, engage, and encourage their teams. The training helps people learn how to choose the best way to handle different situations and also helps them see where they can improve and grow as a person.

There's more to “Leadership Stories” than meets the eye. It's a complete learning experience designed for anyone in business who wants to be a leader or already is one. Through interesting conversations and an interactive game mechanic, participants learn a lot about themselves. You can also use the game to improve important skills like Communication, Collaboration, Active Listening, Persuasion, and Consultation. Come with us on this enlightening journey, where leadership skills meet real-world use.”

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