Take a trip into the world of journalism for an extraordinary team-building opportunity. Teams will go into the core of news creation over the course of two to three hours, going beyond simple headlines to encapsulate your conference messaging.

Your crew will be thrust out of their comfort zones and into the dynamic world of newspaper production in this thrilling and hectic adventure. The objective? It seems simple enough: each team has to choose a newspaper to feature on the front page that details the activities of the conference for that day. But the assignment is much more than just collecting data.

Teams will set off on a creative trip in addition to discovering the scoop of the day. They will name their newspapers, write interesting pieces, create humorous cartoons, create eye-catching ads, and even write a “business forecast.” The challenge fosters a spirit of cooperation and inventive thinking, igniting animated conversations among your delegates.

This joint project is expected to be a potent stimulant that will make you think carefully about the direction you want to take your company. All participants' memories of the encounter are permanently carved by the impact, which lasts long after the event. Are you prepared to grab attention and leave a lasting impact?


Find a flexible way to combine the material of your conferences or explore important business topics. “Making the News” directs group creativity toward issues that are important to your business, such as managing change, planning for the future, upholding core values, or critically assessing procedures and regulations. Satisfactory project management is essential to achieving program deadlines.

The products of each team are displayed at the event location and can be taken back to the office to serve as a strategic plan for upcoming projects. Projecting news into the future is a common exercise that may be used as a great way to explore different aspects of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) statement. Anticipating “tomorrow's news” provides an invaluable platform for participants to evaluate their environmental effect and formulate strategies to maintain a strong corporate social responsibility program.

“Making the News” provides an immersive experience that skillfully combines strategic thinking, corporate social responsibility, and teamwork into a journey that will revolutionize your firm.

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