The “Work Styles” section of our website starts with participants considering their personal preferences for working and recording them on the several themes offered. After that, participants take part in networking exercises to learn about the working styles of their colleagues and choose those that align with their own preferences. Finding as many compatible matches as you can is the aim.

After reviving the group, members are grouped according to comparable working styles. These groups engage in cooperative team exercises after discussing and outlining the distinctive qualities of their chosen working styles. Teams with a variety of working styles are then formed by participants for a follow-up exercise.

A conversation about the benefits of diverse working styles within a team is then led by a group facilitator. It is also addressed, though, why this diversity might not function if team members' various working styles are not fully recognized and valued.


Studies show that the most productive teams are made up of members with a variety of work styles. But if these distinctions are not appropriately acknowledged, they may cause disputes. These differences can promote more fruitful inventions and ideation when they are recognized, valued, and welcomed.

Introducing ‘Knowing Me Knowing You – Work Styles,' a specially designed team-building exercise that has been painstakingly created to help participants appreciate and comprehend one another's individual styles. This presentation highlights the value of having both dissimilar and similar working styles and demonstrates how they can greatly increase team productivity. By exploring their unique working inclinations, participants can gain a deeper grasp of their own work processes.

By participating in this exercise, team members learn about the variety of working methods that exist inside their group, creating a culture that values individual differences. Understanding these differences encourages innovative thinking as well as peaceful teamwork. To create a cohesive and productive team that solves problems more effectively and functions as a unit, it is essential to embrace the diversity of work styles.

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