Teams in Puppet Masters gather props and kits, look over and talk about building instructions. To finish the various pieces of the puppet, they split up into smaller groups. The puppet has been put together, its controls attached, and it has been adorned. The group then uses the nine controllers to raise the puppet and begins to demonstrate basic human movements.

Teams need to deconstruct even the most straightforward tasks into manageable parts. To be successful, each team must develop into a “nerve center,” capable of orchestrating a wide range of motions to impress peers with a flawless performance.


Puppet Masters is a unique team-building activity that involves each member in project execution and strategic planning. This activity requires a high degree of cooperation, clear communication, and refined operational abilities, from the first building phase to the complex art of puppet manipulation. Teamwork is explored as participants hone their skills to make sure the puppet accurately mimics human movements.

Though there is a lot of humor mixed in with serious teamwork. Imagine the room full of giggles as each person takes turns controlling various body parts and tries to mimic human movements like walking, waving, or even blowing a kiss. The energy-filled atmosphere displays the pleasant chaos of creativity.

The grand finale, where teams collaborate to choreograph their puppet show, is when the excitement really gets going. Imagine the spectacle as the audience watches in amazement as the puppet seamlessly grooves to well-known dance movements like Gangnam Style.

Puppet Masters is more than simply a team-building activity; it's an adventure where creativity and cooperation collide and fun and education mix. Come along on this incredible trip where creative expression, strategic thinking, and pure joy combine to form enduring bonds and more resilient teams.

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