A captivating tabletop team game called AR Pyramid Quest will add a new dimension of interaction and engagement to your next dinner party or team-building exercise.

Teams watch in amazement as an ancient pyramid appears miraculously in the center of their table. But this pyramid isn't just any old building—it's an augmented reality edifice, a 3D model overlayed on its immediate surroundings that can be viewed from any angle using a tablet or smartphone. Team members work together to solve a long-standing Egyptian puzzle. Sliding stones, pop-up touch screen elements, and carefully designed hieroglyphics in high-definition images add to the experience and draw players into an unearthly adventure.


All members of the squad are actively encouraged to participate due to the engaging subject and creative game structure. Teams have to listen intently, weigh many viewpoints, respond quickly within a time constraint, and use critical thinking to solve the puzzle and arrive at the end result. Participants will discover one other's talents and master the art of working together to accomplish a common goal while mingling and having a good time. The healthy rivalry between tables encourages participation and produces a vibrant environment that enables participants to forge new relationships with their coworkers.

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