Engage in the exhilarating experience of Seconds Away, a dynamic team-based board game specifically crafted to evaluate product knowledge and enhance sales proficiency. Imagine a scenario where a team is engaged in a time-sensitive activity, attempting to recollect all the values associated with their organization within a limited timeframe of 15 seconds. The ability to think quickly and make strategic decisions is crucial as you navigate through a game board, engaging with increasingly complex questions that are specifically designed to test your knowledge and skills in a time-sensitive manner, with a focus on business-related topics.

What distinguishes Seconds Away from other works? We collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring that the game is flawlessly integrated with their meeting or conference. The game content and accompanying tablet application are customized by our professionals, who adapt the experience to suit your individual scenario. This implies that the user is provided with a customized and engaging gameplay experience that deeply connects with their team, resulting in a really memorable experience.

However, Seconds Away serves a dual purpose as not only a commercial tool, but also as an amazing onboarding tool. Examine the intricacies of your organization's corporate culture, delve into the intricacies of business operations, and evaluate the efficacy of health and safety measures, all by means of intellectually stimulating inquiries tailored to the unique characteristics of your company.

Moreover, an additional feature that we provide is an elective ‘Wellness' component. Motivate your team by incorporating a diverse range of scheduled fitness routines that cater to individuals of varying degrees of physical capability. This distinctive characteristic not only augments physical welfare but also amplifies overall energy levels, guaranteeing sustained engagement and motivation among team members throughout the game.

Are you prepared to enhance your team's dynamics and knowledge? The answer is Seconds Away. Commence the countdown to an immersive and invigorating team-building endeavor.


Enhance your training experience with Seconds Away, a platform that combines educational content with an exhilarating atmosphere. It is our contention that good training ought to encompass not only the dissemination of information, but also the cultivation of enjoyment and engagement. Hence, we provide a distinctive and adaptable educational platform that can effortlessly incorporate with your conference material.

At Seconds Away, we aim to revolutionize conventional training methods by offering an engaging and immersive gameplay experience. The novel methodology employed not only provides amusement but also imparts knowledge, cultivating a sense of solidarity among individuals involved. Envision an educational setting wherein the integration of laughing and learning fosters a synergistic ambiance, hence promoting engaged involvement.

The gamified training platform has been specifically developed with the aim of improving team building, enhancing focus, and increasing information retention. The participants are fully engaged in an environment characterized by swift decision-making and effective communication, all while experiencing a great deal of enjoyment. The inclusion of board-style collateral in the game introduces a unique element that offers a fresh perspective for assessing information retention and enhancing the entire educational encounter.

The distinguishing characteristic of Seconds Away lies in its capacity to establish a tranquil and all-encompassing environment. By employing game rules that are characterized by a light-hearted and intuitive nature, individuals can enhance their skills and develop a deeper appreciation for the distinctive abilities possessed by their colleagues. The educational experience encompasses more than the acquisition of knowledge; it involves establishing meaningful relationships, promoting cooperative efforts, and deriving enjoyment from the process.

Do not accept ordinary training sessions. Select “Seconds Away” as the focal point of your conference, transforming it into an unforgettable educational journey. Embark on a transformative journey of knowledge acquisition and collaborative teamwork, where training transcends mere task completion and becomes an enriching experience.

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