The first part of Escape the Blizzard takes place at a team training facility where teams are tasked with learning survival techniques pertinent to today's severe and unpredictable weather patterns. Teams use our app-based technology to learn, practice, and compete in a variety of activities focused around survival skills. These challenges include trivia, photo submissions, and video projects. Navigation, shelter construction, knot tying, fire building, animal awareness, water filtration, signaling, first aid, and food sourcing are all included in this list of difficulties. There are so many zones that it is impossible for one team to finish them all.

Abruptly, a storm alert comes in and interrupts training. The entire area is expected to be submerged in a storm that is expected to endure for weeks or possibly months in only thirty minutes.

Teams must work together as a cohesive unit to endure this hardship, testing their newly learned abilities to open a box containing actual survival equipment. In the last trial, participants must complete activities like building shelters, interpreting Morse code, performing a first-aid stretcher challenge, and hitting targets accurately. If they can conquer these tasks, they will have access to the resources they need to make it through the snowfall. It is evident from this scenario that the cohesive team survives as a unit.


The design of Escape the Blizzard has been carefully considered in order to promote in-person teamwork. Teams and individuals practice role delegation and have dialogues about their own skill set strengths and limitations, culminating in an escape room-style conclusion. Teams are required to solve problems, work well under duress, and flourish in a fast-paced but pleasurable atmosphere.

The training zones focus on fundamental survival skills that are applicable in real life, so players will have a better understanding of wilderness survival strategies when they finish the game.

The immersive theme and engaging activities spark conversations, giving participants a chance to share prior experiences and encouraging a more genuine and profound degree of connection amongst team members.

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