After a concise explanation, teams are provided with a set of rules and a carefully selected assortment of botanicals. This presents an opportune occasion for amicable banter and light-hearted teasing, all within the context of the game's ethos. What is the ultimate objective? Our objective is to become the pioneering team with the ability to precisely discern and classify the unique olfactory characteristics exhibited by a selection of globally acclaimed gin labels.

Armed with a scented strip, the teams commence the task of accurately identifying each specimen contained within the botanical kit. The seemingly uncomplicated chore quickly evolves into a stimulating and amusing discourse. The teams convene in close proximity, actively participating in animated discussions until they achieve consensus. Upon the conclusion of the deliberations, teams proceed to submit their final responses with a sense of confidence, so creating an environment conducive to engaging discussions and lighthearted displays of self-assurance, as the results are subsequently computed.

Collaboration emerges as a crucial factor in achieving achievement, and this collective effort is suitably acknowledged through the attainment of another round of impeccably concocted Gin and Tonics. In the midst of consuming gin and tonic, participants engage in introspection over their recently acquired skills, demonstrating an appreciation for the collective experience that has united them.


Experience an engaging and intellectually stimulating evening of entertainment that tests your logical prowess within a convivial and enjoyable environment, provided by Team Tonic. The proposed event serves as an optimal conclusion to the conference, effectively integrating team development activities with the well-regarded corporate tradition of a concluding social gathering. Engage in stimulating discussions, amicable rivalry, and the refreshing allure of gin and tonics.

At Team Tonic, participants engage in a process of expedited and well-informed decision-making, acquiring expertise in the subtleties of persuasive rhetoric and non-verbal communication in order to influence opinions. This interactive networking experience fosters a sense of relaxation and amusement as teams engage in the sharing of ideas, participating in spirited debates that ultimately result in collaborative decision-making. Please join us for an evening of companionship, where the intersection of intellectual stimulation and the pleasure of authentic connection awaits.

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