Participants will engage in an invigorating expedition, fully immersing themselves in the rich cultural fabric of a Thai tribe. Equipped with personal belongings and significant knowledge, individuals partake in a complex exchange of goods and services. The primary objective of their endeavor is to accumulate a substantial quantity of goods and resources, all the while cultivating significant interpersonal relationships within the intricate network of many social groups and merchants.

The attainment of success in this captivating endeavor relies heavily on the possession of adept bargaining abilities, innovative cognitive processes, and thorough and systematic formulation of strategies. Tribal communities adeptly negotiate the complex network of social dynamics, adopting strategic bargaining methods and demonstrating innovative aptitude to gain an advantage over their rivals. Through engaging in various trades, forming alliances, and making strategic moves, the tribe steadily advances towards achieving the status as the most prosperous faction within the city.

Come and participate in an engaging expedition where tribes undergo a profound transformation, acquiring exceptional skills in strategic thinking, while becoming proficient in the intricate craft of negotiation and coalition formation. Prepare yourselves for an exhilarating encounter in which each decision influences the course of one's fate and lays the groundwork for achieving success. May the commencement of the games be initiated and may the tribe with the highest level of cunningness emerge triumphant, establishing their dominance as the most affluent and influential entity within the urban setting.


Participate in an interactive and tactical endeavor that presents teams with the opportunity to engage in negotiations and trades in order to achieve the most favorable outcomes. This exercise, which combines elements of competition and collaboration, motivates teams to optimize their outcomes by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.

The attainment of success is contingent upon not only individual benefits, but also the cultivation of cooperation. Teams that achieve the most success are those who effectively combine their competitive drive with a strong emphasis on collaborative accomplishments. By use of a rigorous evaluation procedure, successful strategies are examined, and valuable observations are extracted.

Subsequently, these valuable insights are effectively implemented within the professional setting, resulting in the improvement of both individual productivity and the cultivation of a collaborative environment that promotes collective achievements. This exercise offers an immersive experience that combines creativity and competitiveness, allowing teams to develop strategic collaboration skills that have a profound effect on their teamwork and overall performance.

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