Embark on an intriguing journey through the world of Curio Show, where the art of deduction converges with the exhilaration of discovery, emulating the exhilaration of Antiques Roadshow yet with a singular twist. Bid farewell to the mundane domain characterized by plates, vases, and furniture; Curio Show extends an invitation to embark on an enthralling expedition through a varied assortment of curio objects tastefully showcased atop plinths. Our assortment will provoke intellectual curiosity and appeal to a wide range of tastes, from the enigmatic to the outright bizarre.

At the core of Curio Show, teams engage in lively discussions regarding the age, value, and intended function of each item as they explore the enigmatic realm of curiosities. Each item in this collection possesses a narrative that is eager to be uncovered. Each team enthusiastically presents three convincing descriptions of an antique, from which only one can be proven to be accurate. What is the challenge? As groups compete in amicable contests of intelligence and sagacity, they discern reality from fallacy.

An air of eager expectation permeates the room as groups formulate their hypotheses, each striving to accurately decipher the enigma. The critical juncture arrives, at which point the authentic description is unveiled, thereby establishing the astute guessers as the Curio Show champions. Furthermore, what would be an exhilarating game lacking in rewards? In addition to being rewarded monetarily for their exceptional deductive abilities, winners also receive enticing rewards, which enhance the overall excitement of the occasion.

Curio Show is an immersive investigation of art, history, and human ingenuity; it is not merely a game. Therefore, enter our realm, hone your deductive abilities, and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the peculiar and unanticipated. Can you rise to the occasion? Please join us at Curio Show to commence the activities.


Curio Show adeptly integrates witty wordplay and insightful inquiry, thereby mesmerizing its audience and skillfully curating a delectable evening of entertainment. Acting as an ideal catalyst for networking, it adeptly ignites discussions, wit, and anecdotes, cultivating a sociable and positive ambiance.

Curio Show provides an exceptional experience that not only captivates and intrigues but also stimulates the intellect, encouraging reasoned investigation and deductive decision-making. The attendees are engaged in thought-provoking dialogues that provide them with enduring benefits such as acquired knowledge, fond recollections, and significant relationships that persist well beyond the occasion. Please join us for an unforgettable evening filled with intellectual stimulation and friendly companionship, where curiosity collides with amusement in the most delectable manner conceivable.

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