Chain Reaction – Remote unites distant teams to construct a Rube Goldberg-style apparatus made of a number of interconnected devices made from commonplace household objects. Participants receive reading materials ahead of time and a list of things they need to gather from home. On the day of the event, participants get together through web conferencing software and watch a motivational training film to get their creative juices flowing. After each person presents the things they have collected, the group comes up with ideas for how to use them and creates a comprehensive strategy. After that, each participant builds their own device, testing and fine-tuning it along the way. They also talk with their peers to discuss creative solutions and novel ideas. Now it's time to virtually connect these devices, adding even more entertaining and imaginative ideas to the process. When everyone is ready, the first device is activated, and then the second, and so on, until the big conclusion of the chain reaction is reached!


Chain Reaction – Remote is painstakingly crafted to foster engagement and fortify relationships between distant teams. In order to construct a device that makes an impact, participants must use creativity, inventiveness, and determination. Gamification emphasizes the value of concept testing and the preference for planning over action. In order to link the devices, participants must operate electronically, therefore effective teamwork and communication are more important than individual silos. The end outcome creates enduring recollections of a fun time spent together.

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