Presenting “The Tree of Life,” an interactive simulation game that explores the domains of Change, Diversity, and Partnership. Designed with a specific intention, this game serves as a symbol of constructive change, offering a creative and practical method to effectively communicate a company's goal and values.

In this interactive experience, participants undertake a voyage that mirrors the magnificence of the process of evolution. They adopt the identity of LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor), a modest organism that flourishes within a dynamic and lively ecosystem. In this context, collaboration emerges as the fundamental basis for ensuring survival. Within this ever-changing and complex milieu, it is imperative for all living entities to engage in intricate collaboration, so guaranteeing the long-term viability of the ecosystem as well as their own survival. In order to effectively overcome the obstacles presented, participants are required to formulate flexible tactics, embracing the concept of adaptability as they confront the persistent oscillations within their environment.

“The Tree of Life” presents a compelling storyline in which various ecosystems engage in both competition and cooperation, all in an effort to get the limited resources necessary for the advancement of organisms. This phenomenon serves as a testament to the potency of collective collaboration and adaptability, offering participants an engrossing encounter that closely reflects the complexities inherent in human existence.

We invite you to participate in this remarkable endeavor, where the principles of Change, Diversity, and Partnership hold utmost importance. Through firsthand experience, observe the tremendous influence of collaboration in response to the unrelenting progression of evolution. Delve into the profound dimensions of this simulated realm and uncover the inherent capacity for profound change that resides therein.


Experience the engaging nature of The Tree of Life, a game that cultivates a lively and optimistic ambiance among any collective. The participants are fully engaged in an interactive setting where collaboration and cooperation are of utmost importance. The ability to adapt is crucial in a dynamic environment, where optimal performance relies on good communication, smart thinking, and adaptable planning. The game presents a distinctive challenge that revolves around the dismantling of organizational barriers, hence requiring interdepartmental cooperation as a fundamental requirement for achieving desired outcomes and ensuring long-term viability.

The distinguishing characteristic of The Tree of Life is its capacity for scalability, enabling the accommodation of substantial player groups exceeding 120 individuals. Surprisingly, even in large-scale events, each participant maintains a high level of involvement, engaging in both recreational activities and networking concurrently. We invite you to participate in an engaging and interactive experience, wherein success is achieved via collaborative efforts and the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances.

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