Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Trading Post, set against the untamed and lawless milieu of Dodge City during the 1860s. Amidst a time abundant with prospects, danger lurks in every crevice for those who are uninformed and irresponsible. Throughout an engrossing four years, participants undertake a voyage that commences with fervent commerce and concludes with a suspenseful return to their wagons, where they eagerly await the reimbursement of their diligently earned merchandise.

Trading Post transcends its gaming nature and transforms into an immersive experience that fosters familial unity through the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Teams establish alliances with each other during the course of the game, thereby cultivating relationships and exchanging invaluable insights. This dynamic activity is designed to accommodate groups varying in size from 12 to an impressive 800 participants. Trading Post has demonstrated its limitless versatility through its utilization as a corporate training exercise, a conference icebreaker, or an engaging pre-dinner or post-dinner activity.

Venture into a bygone era where peril and opportunity coexist while putting your trading prowess to the test. We cordially invite you to take part in this captivating expedition, wherein your fate is intricately tied with the turbulent and uncertain realm of Dodge City.


Trading Post provides an invigorating encounter that revolves around the acquisition of information, negotiation, and the establishment of trust, rendering it an optimal activity for an icebreaker or conference. This dynamic game presents teams with the challenge of strategically negotiating and trading in order to maximize their profits. Although competitiveness is a motivating factor in the game, teams that excel by collaborating to secure mutually beneficial agreements and guarantee their own success are the ones that truly prevail.

This activity effectively facilitates the dismantling of barriers, promotes group cohesion, and reinforces core negotiating principles. By undergoing an exhaustive evaluation procedure, effective approaches are disseminated, and the invaluable insights gained are promptly implemented in practical work environments. Providing both entertainment and education, Trading Post enhances the impact of any conference or event.

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