Experience a thrilling expedition as your collective separates into two competing factions – one clothed in vivid red attire, while the other dons dazzling blue garments. Within these tribal communities, smaller groups are organized, each serving a distinct purpose. The adventure begins with an interactive introductory session, during which teams create their own tribal costumes, thereby establishing the foundation for a visually captivating competition.

With a surge of innovation and elevated morale, the tribes adeptly maneuver through a sequence of exhilarating tasks, participating in amicable rivalries with their counterparts from the opposite tribe. The accumulation of points obtained during these challenges serves to contribute to the collective score of each tribe. The use of a tactical strategy is of utmost importance, as it enables teams to systematically rotate players, so facilitating their optimal performance in their favorite tasks and preserving their energy for pivotal moments.

The culmination of this grand odyssey transpires during the concluding ceremony, whereupon the red and blue factions converge to engage in a captivating Haka confrontation. The pinnacle of the event occurs when the most successful teams from each mission are acknowledged, and the ultimate champion, the tribe that emerges as the overall winner, is ceremoniously declared. In the culminating event, the previously conflicting Two Tribes have formed a unified front, reveling in the recognition of their extensive accomplishments, commemorating the alliances established and the obstacles surmounted.


Discover the exhilaration of unconventional traditional sports within an environment that fosters dynamic engagement, inclusiveness, and reciprocal regard. The event extends a universal invitation to all individuals to actively participate and make valuable contributions towards the achievements of their respective team and community, with designated responsibilities specifically designed to accommodate the unique abilities and interests of each participant. Engage in an immersive and invigorating experience that not only elevates cardiovascular activity but also fosters team cohesion via sheer delight.

Strategic thinking plays a pivotal role in achieving success as teams engage in the process of formulating strategies to capitalize on their strengths. This involves strategically resting certain players during particular challenges in order to preserve energy for their desired objectives. This distinctive methodology introduces an element of fascination, so emphasizing the significance of each action and choice in contributing to the ultimate triumph.

Furthermore, our effort has been meticulously designed to inclusively accommodate those with varying physical capacities, thereby cultivating a nurturing and pleasurable atmosphere for all participants. Two Tribes aims to foster a sense of integrity, inclusivity, and mutual respect among its participants. This is achieved by providing opportunities to engage in unorthodox traditional sports that may not have been previously encountered by individuals.

We cordially invite you to join our esteemed community and embark on a remarkable expedition characterized by a harmonious fusion of camaraderie and competition. This unique experience promises to generate enduring memories that will endure throughout one's lifetime. Participants are encouraged to adopt a mindset of solidarity and fair play as they engage in a diverse range of sports that offer distinct characteristics. This immersive encounter aims to stimulate, test, and bring together individuals in a manner that is highly enjoyable.

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