An aromatic and exhilarating exploration of the world of whiskies awaits you at Whisky Wisdom. After a brief introduction, teams immediately begin the activity, equipped with the necessary guidelines and an enticing assortment of aroma bottles. Amid amicable conversation and lighthearted jest, the ambiance is palpably charged with anticipation, as the primary aim is to emerge as the first group to successfully discern the complex aroma profiles of esteemed whisky brands from around the world.

Equipped with a detecting strip, groups commence the endeavor of discerning the identity of every sample contained within the aroma kit. By engaging in a combination of rigorous gustatory inspection and cautious inhalation of sample strips, participants initiate the exhilarating procedure of deduction. As groups deliberate, compare their findings, and place their trust in the collective wisdom of the group, animated discussions ensue. Votes by the majority advance them to the decisive final round.

As teams eagerly submit their conclusive responses, the room becomes palpably charged with expectation. As the outcomes are calculated, a pleasant combination of anticipation and solidarity permeates the atmosphere. The lively exchange of ideas is enhanced by the mutual enthusiasm for liquor. Whisky Wisdom embarks on an enthralling expedition through the intricate realm of whiskies, surpassing the boundaries of a simple sampling event and transforming into an indelible voyage of the senses and companionship. Embrace an immersive experience where each drink and sniff reveals an additional stratum of whisky wisdom.


Whisky Wisdom will provide an evening of intellectual stimulation and camaraderie. Our event guarantees a convivial ambiance wherein attendees can engage in deductive reasoning to the fullest while relaxing in a pleasant environment. Whisky Wisdom is a post-conference activity that effectively combines the appeal of a corporate nightcap with team building.

Engage in captivating dialogues, amicable rivalries, and, naturally, indulge in a fine whiskey. Our thought-provoking exercise promotes the development of teams' skills in making prompt, informed decisions, with an emphasis on the significance of persuasive language and compelling body language in influencing viewpoints.

Attendees will appreciate the chance to unwind and commiserate while participating in vibrant dialogues, absorbing a variety of perspectives, and engaging in debates that culminate in a joint determination. Whisky Wisdom cultivates a symbiotic atmosphere that promotes effective collaboration, rendering it an ideal way to conclude your conference. Participate in an evening of merriment, education, and professional development, all centered around the magnificence of whisky and the insights it imparts. Wishing you a most memorable evening at Whisky Wisdom!

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