Event Concept

People say that Mekong people always keep their own charm in spite of a lot of hardship in their life. Some stories say that there is sweet taste in the water of the Mekong River, which makes the people here always beautiful in any gestures, actions, or voices.

The Mekong River, which starts from China, flows in to the West of Vietnam, makes the place form a lot of nice culture and a precious civilization.

From the idea of discovering the culture here, Asia Phoenix would like to introduce to you a team building named Mekong Discovery to learn about this special place.

Program outlines

Members will break into a small craft traditional village in the West of Vietnam to get the concept about the culture of the area.

You will learn about how to make some special things trained by a local person.

After trained, members will make an item by yourselves and be evaluated by an expert in the field.

There will be many steps as well as many challenges to experience in making the ingredients by yourselves before the item done.

Getting to know how to create a product to earn Mekong people‘s living is such an interesting lesson. Moreover, learning the Western culture and undergoing the daily life of people in this area, members not only have time to enjoy but also explore the special civilization which bring up the citizen and develop the feature of Vietnam. Let's join the team building, and let's make different.