Delegates are given a special briefing before the scheduled meeting date, during which they are instructed to prepare colorful rubber gloves. Next, in order to create the ideal environment for an interesting and dynamic encounter, participants come together via an online conferencing platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. A captivating conductor introduces them to the activity and leads them through a variety of body sound exercises. Everyone puts on their colored washing gloves or the closest equivalent objects they can improvise with at home once they are all familiar with the warm-up and in a good mood. Leading by example, the conductor gets everyone up from their seats and gets them all to stomp, slap, and vocalize enthusiastically and simultaneously. Energy levels are immediately raised by this engaging activity, which prepares the group for successful communication at the next meeting. Participants will be smiling and laughing as the activity, which can last up to 20 minutes, comes to a finish, leaving them energized, connected, and ready to concentrate on the meeting that lies ahead.


In the beginning, when attendees become used to new communication tools and meeting procedures, online meetings can frequently feel uncomfortable. Body Rap provides a simple, unique, yet remarkably effective solution to this problem by establishing an emotional bond and quickly calming down distant audiences. This playful and energizing activity brings life and vitality to your meeting and guarantees that team members who are spread geographically stay focused and productive. Body Rap is a useful tool in these trying times because it uses comedy, rhythm, and shared experience to invigorate and unite teams.

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