In the engaging team-building game Countdown to Christmas, people from all around the world provide sincere holiday greetings and fascinating insights into regional holiday customs. You can play this tech-driven game on a web browser or with our dedicated app. Like an advent calendar, players find themselves in a winter environment with hidden doors that open to show a video from across the world. The hosts of the videos impart interesting cultural information about the year-end celebrations in their individual areas. Players use this knowledge to solve timed puzzles that require fast thinking, honing their listening and interpretation abilities.


Christmas countdowns encourage cultural inclusion by raising consciousness and understanding. It promotes the growth of an appreciation for cultures other than one's own. Players improve their listening and interpreting abilities as the game progresses. The timed tasks keep the festive atmosphere high by requiring prompt responses. You can play as a team, with the victor being determined by the total number of points, or you can have each person play alone, helping the other players as needed and ending with a group conversation about the experience. With its adaptable format, Countdown to Christmas can be used as a fun and energetic 30-minute activity or, for a more traditional approach, as an advent calendar with one question every day until Christmas!

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