CSI La Hacienda is an interactive virtual team-building exercise that challenges participants' logical thinking abilities. The teams are tasked with the endeavor of unraveling the enigma surrounding the demise of Enrique Gonzalez at his Hacienda. Utilizing a web-based platform for 3D virtual touring, teams engage in a virtual expedition within the confines of the Hacienda, with the primary objective of locating and deciphering various clues. The gaming application provides teams with a series of riddles and difficulties, which are resolved through the typing of their responses. The provision of accurate responses grants access to clues that serve as guidance in the process of unraveling the enigma.

As the teams progress through each chamber of the three-dimensional Hacienda, they encounter various objects that provide additional assistance in their pursuit. During the course of their virtual expedition, teams utilize deductive reasoning and engage in collaborative decision-making processes in order to eliminate potential suspects. The team that demonstrates exceptional proficiency in solving riddles and tasks with utmost efficiency will successfully uncover the truth and emerge as the victors.


Within the 3D Hacienda, individuals engage in activities aimed at improving their ability to observe and collect essential information. The ability to communicate well online is crucial for effectively disseminating one's results to the team. The application of critical thinking and reflection facilitates the systematic examination and interpretation of factual information by teams. Within the digital realm, it is imperative for teams to employ deductive reasoning, actively participate in debates, and effectively navigate individual interpretations and contradictory perspectives in order to attain a collective agreement. When faced with time constraints, teams utilize divergent thinking as a strategy for generating decisions through collaboration. This game facilitates and enhances team trust and cohesion, providing a demanding and gratifying encounter.

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