Global team-building phenomenon E-Choir is well known for bridging distances between teams and was recently used to inspire an Olympic squad. With E-Choir Festive, you can play group music online without worrying about latency. It's a well-thought-out experience. Joining the party can be done using any preferred meeting platform, and attendees can record contributions on their mobile devices if they so like.

After logging on, participants watch an introductory video that takes them to our production studios virtually, where they may connect live with their engaging tutor. In order to create a relaxed and pleasurable singing environment, participants are encouraged to dance along and are kept silent during the coaching session. After the event, attendees receive a professionally made track with all of their voices on it, so the celebrations go on long after the event. Zoom gallery material can also be added to this last track to make it a year-end highlight that flows together.


The holidays present a fantastic chance to thank your staff for their efforts and carry out an impactful team-building exercise that will last a lifetime. E-Choir reminds everyone that having fun together is crucial to sustaining productivity while also fortifying team ties and promoting a can-do attitude.

E-Choir encourages a sincere sense of teamwork by pushing colleagues to go above and beyond their comfort zones. The inclusive experience's non-threatening framework typically surprises even the most reserved participants with what can be done in just 30 to 40 minutes.

The final performance edit is a great way to unite teams and create a positive tone for the coming year because it is a potent representation of resilience, unity, and readiness for the upcoming year.

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