Escape the Mob begins with a mystery video that uses an internet conference platform to tell teams that they are involved in the ideal heist—they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Teams are given a small window of time to set up their alibis and pinpoint exactly where they were on the night of the heist.

The Go Team app leads groups through a number of difficult activities that include a variety of images, videos, cryptic questions, and riddles, all of which provide hints that lead to the final solution after an initial briefing from the online facilitator. Inspired by the newest Escape Room-style adventures, these tasks include pattern recognition, cryptic sounds, visual item searches, ciphers, symbol-swapping alpha puzzles, and more. For accurate responses, teams receive points. Although the team with the most points is the winner, teams working together to clear their record ultimately emerge victorious.

Do you want to see more products? Examine the live, hybrid, and multi-location Escape the Mob experiences.


Escape the Mob is a completely inclusive and incredibly engaging team-building exercise. Teams must use their diverse skills and creativity to solve the mystery as they face time constraints, a competitive theme, and a plethora of challenges including photos, videos, cryptic questions, ciphers, symbol-swapping alpha puzzles, pattern recognition, mysterious sounds, and even theatrical performances. In the closing seconds, cooperation becomes crucial as groups come together to crack the last code and escape the mob!

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