With our innovative interactive mobile software, Final Furlong Remote provides a thrilling virtual experience that brings team members together. Teams may bond and experience the excitement of horse racing no matter where they are located. After receiving a tutorial via video conference, participants will use our mobile app to place bets and delve into the betting guide. After that, everyone may partake in the vibrant and thrilling atmosphere of horse racing when the races begin and are shown live via video conference.

We also debut our exclusive “Fashions Down the Hallway” feature to keep the adrenaline flowing, no matter where you are, and we end with one last race to keep things exciting and high!


Participants can experience all of the thrills, suspense, and fun of horse racing with Final Furlong Remote without having to move from their current workstation. It also strengthens camaraderie and enables teams to reunite. This fun game emphasizes teamwork, strategy, friendly competition, and originality. Through this incredibly fun team-building activity, teams form and solidify their professional relationships.

You can use this engaging tool to thank a remote team for their hard work over a period of weeks, months, or years. Similar to actual horse racing, its extremely inclusive framework fosters strategic thinking and teamwork. Along the way, teams engage in friendly rivalry as they work together to develop tactics for placing the finest wagers. Team camaraderie, morale, and motivation are all increased by the entertaining virtual horse racing experience.

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