Groups connect using an online video conferencing platform and visit the Global Innovation Game website. A deck of interactive playing cards comprising a combination of Object, Tech, and Data cards is dealt to each player. Their goal is to use a “click and drag” interface to combine these color-coded cards to create a revolutionary Smart Object, Service, or Tool. After that, groups break out into smaller groups to brainstorm and share ideas before choosing the subject they want to present. Together, they create a succinct, compelling presentation that is then presented to other teams in a style reminiscent of the TV show “Dragon's Den.”


In distant teams, the Global Innovation Game fosters creativity and ideation. Its clever but approachable gameplay draws players in right once and fosters an inclusive atmosphere. As participants learn how open and flexible ideation may lead to creativity, the exercise emphasizes the value of clear communication and attentive listening. The process of selecting and honing a pitch makes use of group decision-making and interaction dynamics. The Global Innovation Game is a highly relevant virtual team-building activity that provides a much-needed cure for “Zoom Fatigue.” It may be tailored to your unique content demands.

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