Go Remote is a specially created team-building exercise for remote teams that operate from different places or from home. Your group joins the activity by installing the Go Team app or by utilizing a special game code to access it through their web browser. You can connect using your favorite conferencing software. Throughout the exercise, your group will participate in a number of enjoyable tests, such as memory tests, video assignments, and picture challenges, all completed in a set amount of time. Some of the challenges even require common home objects. You may completely tailor these exercises to your liking, so you can choose more in-depth learning objectives or run a brief, exciting activity. In addition to being accessible online to guarantee a flawless experience, our skilled facilitators may lead the group through a debriefing once the activity is over.


The versatility of Go Remote is its strongest suit. The activities can be specifically created to match your goals, whether you're looking for a quick boost or a long-term learning and growth plan. It is also up to you to decide how to organize team connections and collaboration. After working independently, participants can gather to share their experiences. As an alternative, they can work together as a team, corresponding through the app, and compete against other teams while keeping an eye on each other's advancement in real time. Collaboration with one or more people—including someone they have never worked with before—may be required for some activities. There are countless options.

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