Heroes of Troy – Online is a web-based strategic business game specifically developed for remote teams. The participants initiate their engagement with the game by utilizing a video conferencing application, so commencing an immersive experience that transports them into the fabled realm of ancient Greece, specifically in the period preceding the renowned Trojan War. The narrative centers on the renowned romantic saga of Paris and Helen of Troy as depicted in Greek mythology. The participants play a crucial role in facilitating the major characters' escape to Troy, exerting efforts to expedite their journey and ensure the safe passage of a significant number of soldiers inside the city's fortifications. In the context of small group discussions, teams engage in the process of analyzing and reflecting upon the given information, finally developing an effective strategy that leads to success. The process involves the careful selection of an optimal team of heroes and the identification of the most favorable route to Troy. This necessitates the ability to react to dynamic circumstances, hence requiring agile thinking and collaborative decision-making within the restrictions of time.

Do you find this product appealing? Please consider attending the live, hybrid, and multi-location production of Heroes of Troy.


The online platform, Heroes of Troy, provides an immersive strategic experience that cultivates collaboration, efficient communication, and the development of tactical and strategic thinking skills. Teams enhance and develop crucial remote work abilities through the utilization of mythological themes, competitive challenges, and time limitations. The use of agile planning methodologies becomes crucial for teams as they negotiate the persistent fluctuations in the game. Heroes of Troy – Online can be utilized as a valuable training resource for geographically dispersed teams, offering the opportunity for post-game assessments of collaborative efforts. Additionally, it can be employed as an engaging platform that fosters networking, social interaction, and participant cohesion within a casual environment.

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