Take your remote team on a virtual trip to a different era and location where you'll need to use useful skills, knowledge about the outdoors, theme images, and engaging tasks to get out of the mountain. The group that plays together survives together in this online cooperative game.

The story of Escape the Blizzard Online takes place in a business retreat housed in a quaint log cabin in the mountains. But just when things are getting peaceful, a storm alert comes in that might keep them in the cabin for several hours without power!

Teams have to go outside to ensure their existence. They come into several winter wilderness survival obstacles en route, such as animal trace identification, knot tying, first aid, mountain awareness, and more. They are guided to the final test—signaling their rescue plane to land and getting them to safety—by these obstacles in the online team exercise.


The purpose of Escape the Blizzard Online is to force members of remote teams to work together. Everybody has a piece of the puzzle or solution, and the only way they can figure out the solutions is if they cooperate. The immersive theme and thought-provoking tasks encourage dialogue, encourage the sharing of prior experiences, and provide distant team members a chance to build real connections. Because the challenges center around practical basic survival abilities, players will leave the game with a deeper understanding of wilderness survival.

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