The only way out for teams that become stuck on an island is to identify a passing ship and send out a distress signal. They have to become used to island life and pick up necessary survival skills while they wait for help. Using your favorite conferencing tool and our web or app-based platform, players can participate in Island Survivor, a remote team-building exercise.

The island is split up into nine zones, each of which offers a unique set of difficulties pertaining to different facets of survival, like locating water, navigating the weather, providing first aid, erecting shelters, and indicating for assistance. Teams take on these challenges using things that have washed up on the coast, and if they succeed, they will have gained invaluable survival skills.

There are creative challenges that even in these distant situations require participants' inventiveness and creative problem-solving abilities. To ensure their survival, teams need to learn enough about each subject. If they stay in a zone for too long, they miss out on crucial time that may be used to figure out rescue tactics. On the other hand, inadequate time leads to inadequate knowledge. A team is unable to enter a zone once they have left it. The team that successfully completes all of the challenges and receives the most points is deemed the winner


Teams need to be nimble in their strategy formulation and execution in order to survive on the island. The secret is knowing when to move on to the next zone and when to stay put. This requires active communication and group decision-making. Participants in this online team challenge take pleasure in working together to acquire and gain real survival skills. Their team dynamics are sharpened by the challenge of limited time and resources, which drives them to look for possibilities even in the face of difficulty.

Every zone offers the opportunity to allocate certain responsibilities to team members, allowing them to capitalize on their own skills for the group's overall advantage. Known for its flexibility, Island Survivor can be customized for a brief one-hour meeting or expanded into a three-hour team-building activity.

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