Designed to improve networking and relationship-building among your team, Knowing Me Knowing You is a fun and interactive remote team building experience.

A fun warm-up session gets the activity started and gets participants ready for their first challenge. participants are tasked with finding as many professional and personal interests in common as they can with other participants. Throughout the session, a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere is guaranteed by our creative game matrix.

There are three rounds of the competition. Participants meet again in the main room for a quick “catch-up” led by the host in between each round. Unique relationships are shared with the broader group throughout this period. In the next rounds, players are partnered with various people, giving everyone a chance to talk to diverse people on the team.

Even after the last whistle indicates that the activity is about to conclude, participants keep making relationships and cooperating with one another within the group environment. We give you a thorough analysis of the similarities we found after the event, which you may distribute to your colleagues to encourage reconnections at work.


Establishing robust connections among employees is crucial for the prosperity of any enterprise. At Knowing Me Knowing You, we are aware of the significant influence that human relationships have on output and business expansion in general. We prioritize understanding, honoring diversity, and cultivating inclusivity in our approach, which goes beyond simple networking.

Having a deep connection with others is extremely important in a world where cooperation is boundless. Knowing Me Knowing You serves as a link between people, fostering mutual understanding. By accepting our diversity, we may draw attention to the specific traits that set each person apart while also highlighting the ideals that unite us.

The foundation of our approach is active listening. Participants appreciate one another's viewpoints as they have meaningful dialogues. We make it possible for smooth information exchange and the sharing of best practices when we genuinely understand one another. This synergy invariably has observable outcomes that enhance the bottom line of the company.

We also stress the importance of succinct and clear internet communication. Effective communication of thoughts and ideas is crucial in the modern digital era. Our participants gain the ability to communicate precisely, expressing their ideas in a way that facilitates effective problem-solving and teamwork.

Knowing Me Knowing You is a life-changing experience rather than merely a program. Through fostering authentic relationships and appreciating variety, we enable people to prosper in a globalized society. Come along on this journey of comprehension, acceptance, and group development with us. By working together, we can create a work environment where success is limitless, relationships thrive, and ideas flow.

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