With 12 rounds of exciting, festive challenges, Santa has given your teams a special gift that will let them experience the holiday spirit like not before! These tasks are available at your fingertips thanks to our specially designed software, which pits teams against one another in an exceptionally entertaining Christmas game.

Each team member takes turns guiding their team through the rounds, emulating the thrill of opening presents during a game of passing the parcel. There are fresh quiz questions and interactive activities to discover with each round. These varied tasks are carefully designed to cover a broad spectrum of abilities, promoting distant collaboration, and enabling team members to improvise on the fly.

Points are converted into thrilling prizes in this competitive game! Teams compete fervently, trying to complete as many tasks as they can in the allotted time. It's about more than simply the excitement of the game; it's about forging bonds with one another, enjoying the holidays, and making priceless memories.

Now assemble your group, enjoy the excitement of friendly rivalry, and start the celebrations! Get our app right now to start this wonderful adventure of friendship and fun that has been specially designed for the holidays.


With Santa's unique present to your teams—12 rounds of entertaining, festive challenges—experience the Christmas spirit like not before! With the help of our specially designed app, you can easily access these challenges and participate in an intense Christmas competition between several teams.

In a game of pass the parcel, each team member takes turns leading their team through the rounds, emulating the thrill of opening presents. Every round offers fresh quiz questions and engaging activities that are just waiting to be discovered. These carefully designed challenges are varied and cover a broad spectrum of talents, allowing team members to collaborate virtually and engage in impromptu problem solving.

Points earn you fantastic rewards in this fierce competition! Teams excitedly engage in combat, attempting to overcome as many obstacles as they can in the allotted time. Not only is the excitement of the game important, but so is fostering a sense of camaraderie, enjoying the holiday season, and making priceless memories with one another.

So, assemble your group, revel in the fun of healthy rivalry, and start the celebrations! Especially designed for the holiday season, download our app right now to start this enchanted adventure of friendship and fun. Your corporate culture to unprecedented levels.

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