Join participants virtually in a breakout room where they will experience a beautiful journey while embracing the spirit of the season. One fortunate person is chosen to be the “Santa,” while the others put on the hats of hardworking elves. Their objective? to race around the world at night, bringing toys to kids in many different nations before the sun comes up.

Teams participate in a range of fun tasks in this festive adventure with the goal of earning carrots, the valuable money needed to keep the reindeer flying. The drawback? The Elves are able to perceive the difficulties, but they are unable to offer solutions immediately. Santa has to enter the right answers and take pictures of the moments, all while being watched over by the watchful Elves.

But this holiday misadventure is not over yet. The team that puts together the ideal set of toys will receive a tantalizing bonus in exchange for an extra crate of carrots. A countdown clock on each of the six continents' stages keeps the pace steady and ensures a sense of urgency and excitement, adding to the thrill.

The final objective? must earn the greatest score by skillfully finishing each stage. The group that succeeds in doing so is declared the ultimate victor and is dubbed the winners of this fantastical vacation experience. Come along with us in this thrilling race against the clock to help kids everywhere experience the joy of the holiday season!


“Race Around the World – Festive Edition” provides a special chance for remote workers to escape their solitary work schedules, encouraging deep conversations and casual relationships with coworkers. Despite the unknowns, the event is meticulously planned and then adopts an agile approach as the game progresses.

An open mind, inventiveness, and keen investigative abilities are required for this immersive experience; these are necessary for obtaining important information and working together productively to overcome obstacles. The deliberate design of the game sharpens players' online communication skills by encouraging clear, succinct communication and active listening. With the help of this entertaining exercise, team members come together to work toward a similar goal and strengthen their relationship as they take a festive virtual globe tour. Come along for a once-in-a-lifetime experience were exploration and teamwork merge with fun and companionship productive virtual office!

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