Take on the role of a detective in our exciting online game, Team Investigation. The game puts you in charge of a case involving celebrities, bribery, and complicated power relations. Imagine a world where evidence comes in many forms, such as newspaper articles, videos, and cryptic hints that can all be found through an easy-to-use online portal.

In this fun challenge, teams use a technique similar to detective work to dive right into the unknown. In short, focused sprint cycles, players break down the case piece by piece while working together. At least 90 minutes are set aside for each run. At this point, members of the team carefully look into certain pieces of proof, going into great detail with the information they are given.

As time runs out, the teams get back together, this time with more information. As people try to figure out possible motives and links, discussions are full of theories and guesses. What was the goal? To gather the different pieces of information that are spread out and make a story that makes sense. This group planning not only makes people more creative, but it also makes them better at thinking critically.

The thrill comes from never giving up on finding the truth. With each sprint, participants carefully connect the dots, showing the suspects' motives and slowly revealing who the killer is. The process isn't just a test of how good you are at investigating; it's also a show of how strong teams can be.

Team Investigation is more than just an online game; it's an immersive trip where players improve their ability to work together and solve problems. So, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride where each click brings you one step closer to solving the puzzle!


The concept of Team Investigation involves the simulation of real-life scenarios, wherein investigative teams analyze pre-existing evidence in order to construct a coherent narrative and derive logical conclusions. The immersive nature of the games and the abundance of information necessitate the development of a clearly defined approach, wherein team members are allocated specific tasks and are accountable for the evaluation and comprehension of the evidence. The approach utilized by Team Investigation involves the integration of gamification, which combines many elements of gaming such as incentive mechanisms, rule frameworks, and feedback systems. This methodology effectively engages individuals, motivating them to actively engage and monitor their behaviors, so facilitating significant changes in their behavior. Participating in this interactive game cultivates the skills of remote teams, particularly by augmenting critical thinking, problem-solving, collaborative decision-making, and the evaluation of team achievements.

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