Take Part in an Illustrative Adventure with Big Picture Experience!

Explore a realm of ingenuity and cooperation with our cutting-edge team-building exercise, The Big Picture Experience! After being divided into breakout groups, participants are given virtual canvases. A ‘virtual grand tour' of several internationally recognized museums opens the trip. Teams answer quiz questions on art along the way to get essential RGB codes for their digital artwork.

Accurate responses decode essential RGB codes, revealing the exact hues for each painting section. It's important for teams to share their discoveries with one another; if any specifics are left out, teams will actively swap information. Here, collaboration is the key to success!

Teams use their newly acquired information and imaginative juices to paint the assigned sections. The digital artworks are stored and submitted after they are completed. Together, these separate works create an amazing group masterpiece. The Big Picture is a tribute to creativity and teamwork, not just a painting.

Our facilitator presents the participants with the united artwork during the grand reveal. A contemplative conversation follows, examining the main conclusions from the experience.

Happy with your Big Picture Experience? Check out our other options, which include multi-location, hybrid, and live formats. Come participate in this creative project where teamwork and imagination collide!”


Explore the improved Big Picture team-building experience, now offered in flexible hybrid and remote formats. Like its conventional predecessor, our revised version highlights the critical significance that teamwork and efficient communication play.

Working through the puzzle to find the color codes requires analytical thinking and strong problem-solving abilities. When teams adopt a non-competitive mentality and promote cooperation both within and across teams, the actual meaning of the “Big Picture” becomes apparent.

Our Big Picture activity is unique in that it is very flexible. Customized to your specific needs, the activity lets you change the image to reflect your company's values and brand identity. To add a unique touch to their portions, participants can select their favorite media, be it digital painting, conventional paints, crayons, or any other creative instrument.

Come along for an all-encompassing experience where cooperation, imagination, and flexibility come together to create a vibrant work of art that perfectly captures the spirit of your company. Accept the challenge, encourage cooperation, and see the togetherness of your team materialize in the vivid brushstrokes of the Big Picture.

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