Bridging The Divide

Collaborative bridge construction project with limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines.

Program outline

Bridging the Divide is a powerful team building activity requiring teams to employ clever project management and customer relationship management skills to build a bridge to required customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. The bridge needs to be big enough, strong enough and stable enough to allow a large remote controlled vehicle to safely cross it.

Bridges can be creatively designed, decorated and branded by each team, with awards being given for the most creative engineering design, best branding, and most efficient use of resources etc.

The final construction component of the event sees each teams’ bridge being installed as part of the huge, extended company bridge – thus each team is not only focusing on their task, but also playing their vital role in the success of a large company project.

The exciting grand finale involves driving a remote controlled vehicle over the total length of the extended bridge.

A fun, engaging, hands on event with very powerful metaphors – where all departments of an organisation strive towards their own goals, but also play a vital role in the bigger picture of the organisation's goals. The efforts of ALL teams are literally “linked” together in a powerful demonstration of the Power of One.

Learning and development outcomes

A challenging team building exercise where each team is both a supplier and a customer.  The end goal is fully collaborative, and success requires ongoing customer relationship management and an understanding of the knock-on effects of good or poor communications.

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas

Bridging the Divide can be tailored so that each bridge portion is presented by the team as the rationale for the side messages concerning sustainable development.

The end goal requires teams to share resources, minimise unnecessary journeys, control budgets, and use recycled materials wherever possible. It’s a route to creating awareness of the impact of any project on the environment and the expectations of diverse stakeholders.


  • 1 hours - 2 hours
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Collaborative
  • Minimum: 24
  • Maximum: Unlimited

Key Business Benefits

  •  Corporate Responsibility
  •  Customer Service
  •  Cross Functional co-operation
  •  Energising a conference
  •  Fun & Motivation
  •  Negotiation Skills
  •  Managing change
  •  Practical leadership
  •  Risk management
  •  Strategy Communication
  •  Team Dynamics
  •  Uniting Teams


Bridging The Divide

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