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There was a time in the past of Vietnam that Vietnamese women only worn one kind of hat – the conical leaf hats, on streets, market, in front of schools…when going out. We can see anywhere the status of a woman who is always charming on wearing a leaf hat. Traditional conical leaf hat is a symbol for Vietnamese women without ages or social positions. It is a common friend of Vietnamese people. That is the reason why people considered it as a typical icon of Vietnam. A woman in a leaf hat is one of the most important things contributing to Vietnamese culture.

To learn more about a part of Vietnamese culture, let join us in a team building at the traditional craft village and implement challenges of making this special type of hat.

Joining this, you have chance to understand the presentation about the conical leaf hat from people who earn their living by making and selling conical leaf hat. You will be trained all steps as well as the materials for making such the interesting hat, then, making the materials and having the hat done well, decorating the hat by making it beautiful and attractive. Like a model, you will perform a fashion show on wearing Ao Dai and traditional leaf hat you have just made.

Ideal Use

  • Team Retreats.
  • Company outings.
  • Team restructuring.


Key Business Benefits

  • To understand the history of the leaf hat and its value
  • To enjoy and know more about the skillful people who are always close to their career
  • To experience daily life and Vietnamese culture
  • To show your ability when experiencing a new thing and ability to adapt to a new environment
  • To enjoy and be proud of the item you learn and make the trip to Vietnam more meaningful and exciting


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