Program Details

This program is designed for a group size of between 20 to 180 people who are divided into teams, with each team having between 8 to 10 team members. The program is planned to last for about 3 hours. With regards to space requirements, this program is designed to be conducted either indoors or outdoors so long as the available space fits the entire group, and thus parks, large fields, parking lots, and large cleared ballrooms can be used. The chosen space must also cater for kick-off and warp-up areas.

Ideal Use

  • Annual meetings.
  • Team Retreat.
  • Company outings.

Corporate Survivor

This is an inclusive program in which your employees are expected to survive the game by helping their individual teams to outwit and outplay rival teams. It is designed to allow members of a team to work, have fun, and learn together after using their problem-solving and survival skills to ace through a series of problem-solving challenges. Likewise, it uses interactive play to foster cooperation and build camaraderie.

The participants are grouped into teams called tribes, with each tribe expected to use its collective brainpower and physical prowess to survive a number of challenging tests and tasks. Each tribe plays multiple rounds of different games, including aim-based games, races, blindfolded obstacle course, and sparring with rival tribes. Also, tribes can form alliances to better their odds of emerging victorious, or to simply sabotage the prospects of the most successful tribe so far. Likewise, team members are required to save their fellow team members so as foster their collective prowess in dealing with the existing challenge. Similarly, during voting, team members are expected not to vote out each other. The team that achieves the highest score is declared the victor.

This team bonding exercise allows participants to understand and accept fellow team members, hence enhancing social relations among co-workers, as well as appreciate the need for working together in constructive ways to maximize their potential besides optimizing their collective output.

This program can be customized to fit your needs by incorporating specific mix of activities and games that are well-suited for your employees.


Key Business Benefits

  • Develops communication skills
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Fosters brainstorming and free expression of ideas
  • Fosters team spirit and celebrates team success
  • Enhances resource management skills
  • Boost leadership skills


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