Outrageous Games

Program Details

This program is designed for a group size of between 25 to 300 people who are divided into teams, with each team having about 12 team members. All participants must be over 10 years old. The program is planned to have 2 hours of competition that is followed by another 2 hours of entertainment, which features a DJ. With regards to space requirements, this program is designed to be conducted outdoors in large spaces with access to electricity and water that can also fit your entire group; and thus parks and large fields which have flat grass are ideal venues.

Ideal Use

  • Team Retreats.
  • Company outings.
  • Team restructuring.

Outragous Games

This high-energy fun event is moderated by experienced facilitators who ensure that the participants engage appropriately in the highly-polished games, as well as offer unequaled entertainment for their guests. This event is conducted as a professional interactive live production that features play-by-play commentaries, as well as Outrageous officials who guide and oversee the games, besides judging the performance of the different teams. Likewise, an on-field DJ uses musicals to provide a spotlight to the performance of each team.

The event kicks off with an opening ceremony, which is followed by a series of wild and wacky head-to-head non-athletic relay races; and ends with an award session where bronze, silver, and the highly coveted gold medals are awarded to the winning teams.


Key Business Benefits

  • Creates lasting memories.
  • Develops communication skills.
  • Promotes camaraderie.
  • Fosters creative thinking.
  • High-energy fun.
  • Boosts morale and celebrates team success.


Outrageous Games

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