Amazing Race

Based on the reality show on TV, Amazing Race will bring players through many totally brand-new experiences and make them brainstorm to find out and solve a series different challenges. Players will be divided into many teams, and each team has to put hard effort to compete with other teams in many games to be the winner. All games are designed to upgrade teamwork abilities, communication skills as well as problem-solving skill to help each player improve himself better. During 4 – 5 hours going around city, the teams have an opportunity to overcome challenges and explore Saigon, Hanoi, HoiAn, DaNang, Hue by themselves. It will be such an extremely interesting experience. Before starting the race, all players have time to warm up by an activity called “Ice Breaking” with many interesting exercises such as limbering up their bodies by dancing or Tai Chi exercise. After that, they will start the race in teams to complete 5 missions in different places as soon as possible to be the earliest team arriving in the last destination. This team will be the winner of the day. Each team will complete in turn as some missions such as Tower Building, Bronze Buffaloes Hunting, Ao Dai Costume, Singing Vietnamese, Puzzle and To he Making. For the game such Tower Building, it requires the cleverness and teamwork ability of the participants to build a 15-floor tower in the shortest time. In addition, players can understand more about unique traditional values of Vietnam by making the most beautiful Ao dai, Vietnamese handicraft named To he or even practicing and singing a Vietnamese folk song. What about the Puzzle game? It must be an intellectual game that cannot be ignored. The teams have to discuss together to find the best way to arrange some puzzles into a certain shapes as soon as possible. The teams have to find and take a photograph with the bronze buffaloes to complete the task Bronze Buffaloes Hunting. After the race, when all teams arrive in the destination, all players spend time together to review what they have done in a few valuable hours recently. They share and express their feelings, their experiences they have gained during the day. Thanks to honest words from the participants, everybody not only in their team but also the others has a chance to understand their friend and it will bring them closer. That is all what Amazing Race desires to bring to you – the fresh souls who love challenges and want to explore beautiful Vietnam.

Size 10 – 200 players

Duration 3 – 5 hours

Location Some famous tourist destinations in Amazing Race city such as: Ben Thanh Market, Opera House, North Dame Cathedral, Fine Art Museum, Center Post Offices, Botanical Garden ,

Business benefits

  • Improving teamwork ability
  • Building relationship among staffs
  • Upgrading communication skills with native speakers
  • Getting experiences in problem-solving skills
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