Today’s economic market is fiercer than the old one a lot. The old market is quite narrow; customer will come to us when they need. Nowadays, it’s change a lot. Your company produces good product, provides excellent service is still not all of it. Today’s trend is self-seeking customer, suggesting demands and then selling products. Companies attach special importance to this thing; they usually send their staffs to sales training classes. Is it really effective? The given result is small because after a long training, what still remains in their mind is the most important.

Teambuilding program named “Sales combatant” was designed and built up for that reason. The program condenses the basic skills that are necessary to help staffs can sale products. One of basic things staffs have to know is that sales combatant don’t entice or compel customer to buy their products, staffs just simply help customer solve their own problems. Popular mistake of staffs is they talk too much details, it seems like promotion or introduction. They digress out of the requirement that is helping customer know about their demands, company’s products and make a decision to buy that product.  Thing need to do is talk concisely and persuasively to get a nob from customer.

Moreover, before starting a new game, we also instruct you some useful tips that help your selling process more effective. You have to pay attention to some small things you have thought that don’t need to care about such as appearance, make-up, gesture, language used, even the way to say hi.

The purpose

Let join us in teambuilding program “Sales combatant” to have a chance to become an excellent staff in your company. “Sale combatant” includes games and activities related to selling skills. After experience this program, staffs could remember all things that necessaries to sale product:

  • Always thoughtful to every customer
  • Recognize potential customer
  • Know how to introduce company and products.
  • Selling-skill in 30 seconds.
  • Court and suggest demands for customer.
  • Pay attention to after sales service.


3 – 5 hours


20 – 200 participants


Suitable with many places


Help staffs know clearly about the process of selling

Improve the spirit of cooperation