Considered the nation’s most pristine Island ecosystem with dense tropical forests, prominent mountain peaks and deep valleys. Con Dao is a beautiful, peaceful and poetic island that covered by friendly people. Despite given charming scenery, today most of tourists get here to discover the renovated Con Dao Prison. During the time Con Dao Prison worked, there were over 20.000 prisoners who could not turn back to their families caused of austere penances. Anecdotes about escape of prisoners made famous Con Dao Island. Retold stories are proofs of steel spirit and will of survival strongly of Vietnamese people. It’s wonderful feat of arms on the battlefield against the enemy.
Foretime, prisoners were overcome strict guarded barriers and harsh nature by their intelligent and endurance. Escape is an arduous and lengthy itinerary full of dangerous. Firstly, they had to prepare foods, water and bamboo or plastic casks boats. All must be done in secret. Get out of locked room was not all; they had to pass thick walls 3-4m high. Then, hidden on mountains or beaches where had fewer guarders for waiting windy day to have a sail. If the escape is successful, they have to wait for what happens next off-shore. The ocean filled dangerous, lack of foods, water and risk of being arrested again anytime. Some prisoners had willing to sacrifice for other prisoners can escape easier. So, many prisoners undergone perilous things still could not go back home to their liking.

The purpose 

Today, through our teambuilding program named “Ironic spirit”, you have a chance to live as a prisoner of Con Dao Prison. Don’t think it’s just a game; it’ll not easy as you thought. This is a challenging trip that difficult to get over. To succeed, you have to unite, use your will of survival and brave at highest level for winning. In addition, a good leader is not less important in this teambuilding program. By experience “Ironic spirit”, you can be perceived entirely inestimable lesson about shiny quality and personality of predecessors. It’s patriotism, clever and resourceful mind, brave, dauntless and elevated sacrifice.


5 – 7 hours
20 – 200 participants
Con Dao beaches
Strength training
Improve the spirit of co-operation
Know how to make plan and estimate risks