“The ultimate challenge” includes a series of activities that need patience and finishing the job in timeframe. Each completed activity, participants will gain scores. They need to accumulate maximum score to get the prize. This teambuilding asks participants to understand the strength and weakness of each member for right assignment. Moreover, keeping calm is another important thing.

Set up

Divide participants into equal groups.

Set seats: a table for each team. Materials needed are fully prepared on tables. There are 2 types of activities. Firstly, ask them to complete these things such as building bridge by candy, building highest tower by wood sticks, animal plastic with balloons, kneading model with clay (1 – 4 hours). Secondly, each hour they have 10 minutes to finish these activities to our instructors such as golf, hula hoop, push-ups, belly bend.

The purpose is get as much scores as you can to win the game. The team has the highest scores is the winning team.


2 – 5 hours


20 – 250 participants


Suitable with many places


Develop teamwork skills

Know how to make plan and improve problem solving skills

Learn how to manage time and finish the job under pressure