In usual, we can easy find teambuilding programs that required the competition among teams. However, our new program named “Together, we can” is different; it will surely make you surprise. This teambuilding program gives prominence to co-operate and unity.

Specially, this teambuilding includes difficult and challenging activities that need everybody work together. Teamwork provides more benefits than individual work, how much effective of results when groups work together? Certainly, the brought result is high. In addition, all activities in the program are connected. A group finishes their work, and then passes their work over to the next team. Therefore, everyone needs to respect your group’s task and other’s task. Each activity is divided into small tasks for each group. When synthetizing all tasks, we will have the last perfect product. For that reason, being responsible for the work is heightened. When a group doesn’t finish their job, the rest group also can’t finish their job either. Moreover, because all activities are connected so participants don’t need to compete. Oppositely, group members should be positive and encouraging to one another for better results.

Set up

Divide into equal groups.

“Together, we can” includes 4 big activities:


Each group will be given cloth sheets with different color, some art equipment such as pens, watercolor, brushes… Ask them to draw a big painting; each group will be finish a part of it.

Design rollercoaster

The requirement is all group must design a rollercoaster that can keep a ball over 30 seconds. A group finishes a small part in this rollercoaster. When all groups finish, combine them and we have a completely product.


Ask groups to film a short video to introduce about them. The next team will watch the last 10 seconds in this video and made their short introduced video that is conjunctive this idea. Finally, everybody can watch the entire film that is collected by short videos.

Creative Lego

Give out amount of thousands Lego bricks to each group. Let them create their own style of construction. Unlimited topics so the last big product will be very unique.


Approx. 4-6 hours

Group Size:





Improve unity among participants.

Support creation.

Find out that working need to unify and understand mutual.

Build up general object is finishing the job, not competing.