Binh Quoi Tourism Village I


Binh Quoi Tourist Village I is a tourist attraction in the Bình Thạnh District of Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam. The Binh Quoi Tourist Village I is located by the western north Saigon River, 8km from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Covering an area of 34,635 m2, the tourist area, the largest in HCM City, resembles a real village .

This is the city’s biggest resort with its unique scenery which was established in 1994. Fifty-five modern hotel rooms in the trees’ shadows can be rented for visitors who would like a break from the frenetic pace of the city. Its maximum seating capacity is over 4000 people. The Tourist Village is set on garden grounds with lawns, coconut trees, creeks, and thatched cottages, daily scenes activities in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region. Entertainment includes a cultural show featuring a traditional Vietnamese wedding, cuisine festivals, live music and dances. It has also become popular destinations for ecotourism, leisure and recreational activities, with increasing visitor numbers yearly.
Tourists can have a sail along the Sai Gon River on junks during their stay here. They can stop at the famous Nha Rong Wharf with its revolutionary relics, the Ben Duoc Temple …

The village’s restaurant is where big parties can be held with Vietnamese traditional specialties and also western foods can be found. There are many festivals of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, including: “Traditional Vietnamese Wedding,” “Vietnamese central cuisine” …

It also has the weekend buffet dinner, with variety of traditional Vietnamese regional specialities, is served along a canal lighting with a lot of floating lanterns in a poetic space by live traditional music.

In addition, you can also go water-surfing, fishing, swimming; play tennis, carthorse and many other kinds of sport. On the other hand, here is also appropriate for wedding photo shoot, filming, live music concert…
Especially, floating market in the southern west of Vietnamese is also depicted lively with many boats full of fruits, vegetables…

It is a popular place that is appropriate for ecotourism and recreational destination for local residents and their visiting families and friends.

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