Ke Ga Lighthouse

Ke Ga Lighthouse was built in Ke Ga Cape, Hon Ba Island, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. This is the most favorite destination for visitors to Binh Thuan Province.

Ke Ga Lighthouse was designed and contributed by the French. The lighthouse was built up from 2, 1897 to the end of 1898. It built of granite stones brought from France. A unique character of this lighthouse is that the granite stones were carved out of different shapes, sides, sizes that are well-fit. So in building, they were put together without mortar or plaster. Ke Ga Lighthouse consists of up to a 183-footstep steel spiral stair to the top of the lighthouse. On the lighthouse, there is a big light of 2000W, which was brought from France.

To get in the lighthouse, you will be experience the felling on “thuyền thúng”, a special kind of boat made from bamboo. Sometimes, if you get lucky, only 500m from the coast, you can walk to the island when the tide is out.

 Presently, Ke Ga Lighthouse has become a tourist attraction, not only about art and architecture, but also a beautiful natural landscape. Visitors can explore the lighthouse and climb to a viewing platform near the top for great views of the coastline and enjoy a fabulous view of the open sea. The light house is about 60m tall. From that height, visitors are able to see a vast expanse of sea and sky, as well as enjoy cool ocean winds. From the top, visitors can also see beautiful marble rocks, beaches, resorts that are nearby the lighthouse.

In addition, around the base of the lighthouse, there are two ranges of porcelain trees which have been grown along the paths by the French since the last century. The most beautiful moment to visit the lighthouse is at sunset.

Visitors also can stay on the island overnight to go fishing in the moonlight. Moreover, you will be tasted the grilled seafood that you have caught by yourself and then stay up to see the first sunlight. This will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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