Van Thanh Tourism Area

With the beautiful ancient trees, immense green lawns, clear blue swimming pool, Van Thanh Tourism Area is like a blue island bounded within Saigon.

Roughly 2km from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, before setting foot in Van Thanh Tourism area, you will feel like leaving the city for a peaceful rural area. This is somehow like a village with ancient trees of big leaf canopies to shadow the roads; the rickshaw is waiting for the owner to fill the goods; the lawns are immense stretching to the horizon, flowers are in full bloom to lighten one corner; the landscape is beautified by small bamboo bridges over the canals. Within the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the tourists will only want to lie down on the green lawns next to the clear lotus ponds, closing their eyes to listen to the wind blows over the banana trees to dispel all exhaustion and tension of the daily life.

With the large and tranquil space, professional staff cadre and location not far away from the heart of the city, Van Thanh is the best choice for the corporate events including team building, family festivals, year-end staff parties….

Please do not hesitate to contact Asia Phoenix Events for event organizational consultancy at Van Thanh Tourism Area.


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